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Let Me Fix My Crown

Let Me Fix My Crown

Aug 15, 2023

It's a New Moon in Leo! And the sun is in Leo. Are you ready? Because right now it's all about you. Yes, you!

Leo is ruled by the sun and the sun is often associated with the head and/or mane so today we're going to talk hair magic. It's always been really interesting to me that the stereotype is only Black women don't want anyone touching their hair.

Here's the deal friends: don't let people touch your hair or your head until you know for sure for sure you want them to. I was always told energy enters through our head, our hands, and our feet so why are you letting randos touch your hair/head and then wondering why you're suddenly in a bad mood hours later?

There is a much longer post to be had about energetic exchanges through our hands and feet and cross-culturally it's a really fascinating conversation, especially when you add in the energy that attaches to our clothes (why I'm an avid inside clothes v outside clothes person!). But for today let's focus on the head.

Again, a lot of cultures have a lot of different interpretations/beliefs surrounding exactly how this works. And while I am speaking from an Afro-Caribbean perspective, to make that even more narrow I am speaking from a Central American with dashes of Christianity lens. If this is something you're interested in, as always, I encourage you to look further into it.

Okay, preamble aside: Your head is what pulls you forward. It's where you're directed to look. It isn't what guides you but it's what gets you where you need to go. Think about how many of the five senses are on your head alone: sight, smell, hearing, taste. Our heart or our intuition creates the dream but our heads make it happen. They're the Managing Directors, the CFO, the person running the show.

Especially with a new moon that asks us to step into our higher power, to really go after whatever it is that we want, we need to make sure our heads are in the right place.

So stop letting randos touch your hair/head. That's step one. Figure out what someone's energy is, what drives them, and why they're interested in you, platonically, professionally, or romantically. Even if it's a stranger at the grocery store......why do they want to touch you? And why are you lettin them? Do you know what kind of energy they're carrying? Why risk it?

Now that we've got that cleared up, let's talk about enhancing our willpower, giving our head the right energy to help us make our wildest dreams come true: Rosemary + Eucalyptus Oil.

This is pretty easy to make though I would suggest making a much smaller sample first to make sure it's compatible with your hair. You can also buy it and then bless it once you get it at home.

But let's say you want to do something by tomorrow's full moon. No worries. Here's what you'll need

  • 2 Rosemary sprigs (for memory, heightened intuition, protection)

  • Juniper Berries (optional) (for purification and ridding of bad energy)

  • Jojoba oil (optional) (for purification and ridding of bad energy)

  • 2 cups of water

  • Spray Bottle

First, you'll want to boil the rosemary sprigs for 10 minutes. Then remove the rosemary from heat and let it seep for at least an hour. This will also let it cool. Once it's cool, remove the sprigs and place the infused water in a spray bottle.

If you want to add jojoba oil (my personal favorite) to the spray bottle, it's 2-1. So basically put twice the amount of jojoba oil as you have rosemary water. This helps make it last longer and adds other good protections to your hair.

If you want to add juniper berries -- add them while you boil the rosemary. If you use juniper berry oil, it's 1-1. So add as much oil as there is water.

Spray on your head/hair as often as you'd like (but not more than 5 times a day) but especially spray it on your head first thing Wednesday (8/16) morning.

For non-magical uses: This is a really great hair growth oil :)

See you next time and don't forget as you do all of this, always think about what kind of life do you want. Don't worry about the how. The how isn't up to you. Just focus on what that life looks like and why you really want it as you use this spray.

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