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I'm a nightmare...

I'm a nightmare...

Jul 08, 2023

Recently I went on my honeymoon so I missed the full moon in Cap (a supermoon!) which I hope you worked with but if you missed it, I wanted to take a chance to remind you that you can manifest any time you want. It doesn't have to be a strict schedule :)

Okay, now that aside is over, let's talk about nightmares! I get weird, horrible nightmares and sometimes I try to work with them to see if there's a message I'm missing. But sometimes I just want them to go away.

Here are two quick ways to fight some of our worst nightmares:*

Glass of water under the bed

This one is super simple. Fill up a glass of water and put it under the bed. Make sure your closet door is closed, if your closet is in your bedroom. Put the glass directly under where your head. In the morning, pour the water out outside of your home. Honestly, the farthest you can go the better. Make sure you don't pour it out in the sink or anywhere in your house! And try not to pour it in a neighbor's garden. Somewhere concrete, along the road is usually best.

7 Limes + Salt

This is my favorite and my go-to. All you really need is

  • 7 Limes

  • Salt

First, you want to cut the limes so they kind of look like flowers opening. Set your seven limes on a white plate and pour salt around it. Put it under your bed, under you head, and leave it there for 3 days. Then wipe the plate off clockwise into the trash and immediately take the trash out.

Some alternates I do:

  • I usually add a bay leaf and burn it before adding it to the plate. It makes it smell great and the smell helps connect the spell directly to my senses.

  • I also add tea leaves (usually Black tea) and tobacco as pictured above. I only really suggest adding tobacco if you're trying to connect with the root of the nightmares and aren't afraid to go deeper into your nightmare rather than sending it away.

  • If we have a flower that's starting to wilt and it's a sunflower (for inner guidance) or a tulip (for luck/fortune), I'll use the petals as well.

  • If the nightmares are incredibly powerful/scary, I'll sometimes add palo santo which I'll also light before putting it on the plate but this is only in extreme cases.

You can also add dill for clarity and juniper berries for protection from hexes (just in case someone sent these nightmares your way)

*As per usual, I do not mean to work against therapy and/or medicines. I have C-PTSD so sometimes my nightmares are part of my trauma and while yes the spells help, it's not meant to replace therapy or medication.

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