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Aren't All Moons Created Equal?

Aren't All Moons Created Equal?

Jun 14, 2023

Something that always fascinated me a bit was how binary spellcraft/witchcraft can be, especially since so many of the recent practitioners I've met are completely against the binary. (If you're curious about why the binary exists in magic and Wicca's origins, this is definitely worth a Google.)

One of the most fascinating binaries I see in astrology, manifesting, and just overall girlboss witchiness relates to the moon. We've all heard it: New moons are for manifesting and full moons are for cleansing. This never made 100% sense to me.

The reasoning I was told is that the new moon is for manifesting because you're using the unseen (the new moon) to help you uncover the unseen in your own life. A full moon represents the culmination of that, the completeness, the release. To start the cycle over again.

Here's where it gets complicated for me though: Growing up I was told we were at our strongest when the moon is full and most vulnerable when there was no moon (aka a new moon). So why would I want to envision my future when I'm at my weakest? And who made these moon rules?

I've read the best day to manifest is actually after the new moon, on the third crescent day. I've read that we should be manifesting with every moon cycle. I've read that it's actually when the moon is waxing and waning that we should be manifesting.

Ultimately, I think when you're working with herbs and using kitchen magic, you can manifest whenever you want. There might be a heightened energy during certain moon cycles but really manifesting depends on using the power you already have to tap into the power around you. There's a lot of pressure to be your best, most powerful self every new moon and I certainly don't always have that in me. (Not to mention some new moons are tricky like this upcoming one...)

Here, on this blog, I will try to help you understand the energy around you during the new and full moons but how you choose to use that energy is up to you. I'm not here with right or wrong answers. I'm mostly here just to help you guide you to finding your own right answers.

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