My Core Values in Publishing

My Core Values in Publishing

Jun 07, 2023

I feel through writing we face our darkest fears, explore infinite new worlds and realise our true purpose. Creative writing helps me to understand what my purpose is.


  • Authors should not have to impress a gatekeeper to see their books in print, because readers are our gatekeepers (and they are not afraid of being honest!).​

  • ​Authors should not have to pay extortionate amounts to acquire friendly, professional freelance services for editing, proofreading, formatting, and book cover designs—we need to continue to avoid having to turn to a vanity press.​

  • ​Authors should have more creative control, maintain the copyright, and have access to a higher percentage of their royalties.​

  • ​Authors should be able to write what they want, when they want, and do so for their enjoyment without being governed by the industry's expectations—riches and fame should not be the main focus of our passion or hobby.​

  • ​Authors should have access to publishing education within the industry. CCB will endeavour to promote the future of self-publishing and the creative freedom it offers.​

Do you agree?

Get in touch with me today - tell me what your core values in the self-publishing industry are, and what matters the most to you as an indie author. Do you feel valued and rewarded for your hard work? What are your struggles? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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