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Color Palette - American Chestnut 🌰

Color Palette - American Chestnut 🌰

Jun 05, 2021

My very first post here! I'm working on a new commission. The client wants to be portrayed with the beautiful and historical American Chestnut. Before I start with the final piece, I make a color study and composition of the plant. This helps me to understand the characteristic and its parts 🌱

Did you know that the American Chestnut tree is a keystone species? This species helps define an entire ecosystem. On 1900's the tree suffered an epidemic, called the Chestnut blight. Destroying three to six billion trees by a non-native patogen and being declared functionally extinct. This important tree is now in restoration process.

The tree is not giving up!

I'll sharing my reasearch here with you. Thank you for the support!

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