The Tree Hugger Wanderer: 6

The Tree Hugger Wanderer: 6

Apr 20, 2022

Trapped in a labyrinth of trees with a stranger,

I've wandered straight into danger.


Surrounded by roses, we look around,

Looking and listening to every sound.


With no light to guide our way,

We're forced through the roses and growing haze.


The clusters of trees around me whisper,

I keep quiet and withhold it from the mister.


He holds my hand and stops at the sight of a dark shroud,

I cough and cough, losing my breath in the hazy clouds.


The shroud circles us like a shark,

I take a breath and can barely feel my heart.


We’re suddenly struck and everything goes black,

Was it the shroud? What else could’ve attacked?


A light flashes all around me,

Where am I? What surrounds me?

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