Lost In The Cosmos

Lost In The Cosmos

Dec 30, 2022

From the ground,
The petrous ground,
Where humanity surrounds,
And mysteries abound,
All through the ground,
The thick and heavy clouds,
Across the cosmos,
At the speed of sound.

From the sky,
The iridescent sky,
Where the sun will rise,
And the moon says goodbye,
The birds soar ever high,
Until too far is too high
Across the cosmos,
Into the blackest of night.

From the ash,
The sparkling ash,
Where the flames catch,
Along the forest path,
Into trees they'll bash,
With speed that'll last,
Across the cosmos,
In a colourful clash.

From waters below,
The ominous below,
Where the deep sea flows,
Where seaweed grows,
Creatures hardly show,
Unknown worlds, we won't go,
Across the cosmos,
Desperate to know.

From the seeds,
Of infinite possibility,
Where stars and seeds meet,
And blossom into flowering trees,
All of the universe is seen,
Every place we've been,
Across the cosmos,
Just you and me.


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