May 30, 2022

Empathy empowers me,

I feel everything all around,

Every laugh, every tear, every whisper,

Is absorbed like ears absorb sound.


At times it can be draining,

The joy often overwhelms the dread,

It encourages the idea of compassion,

And will stay with me until I’m dead.


An artistic mind has blessed me,

The world is but a blank page,

From stories and poetry to colourful paintings,

Not indulging fills me with rage.


So lost I wander into the vale of creativity,

And disappear leaving the world behind,

Focused and deeply inspired,

Endless thoughts going through my mind.


Intelligence isn’t something I lack,

I’d like to think I know a thing or two,

I’m not one to miss the chance to learn,

And be taught things I never knew.


The world around us alone is teacher,

A classroom to curiously explore,

We take advantage and miss our chances,

And blindly walk by as if to ignore.


Empartint is my light aura,

A gift I live with every day,

Empartint is part of me,

An aura that’ll never go away.


Empartint, I hear you,

Empartint, I see you,

Empartint, I feel you,

Empartint, you’re me.



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