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Ready to Jet

Ready to Jet

May 07, 2022

In my last post, I spoke about my excitement for the reopening of the world to travel. Since then, Sarah and I booked a trip and have been progressively booking various parts of the itinerary. Starting in Greece for a brief stopover before resuming to Istanbul, we will spend almost 2 weeks in Turkey exploring a few different parts of the country. Following this, we'll be heading to Lebanon for a similar amount of time, where we have a varied but somewhat flexible plan and will surely immerse ourselves in the culture. Despite being born in Australia, I have been wanting to visit Lebanon for a while and discover more of my own heritage. Having been there once as a young child, the memories are vague... and returning as an adult (and photographer!) will hopefully help create longer-lasting memories. The country is going through many struggles right now, but I still feel optimistic for the country (and our visit), as well as reconnecting with some long lost family members. After this, we will be heading to Italy as a trip "finisher" for roughly 5 days in the South Italy area including Naples and the Amalfi Coast.

So, with less than a week to go, we are certainly excited! It will be a complete change of seasons leaving a wintery Melbourne. We both look forward to creating many new memories, as well as plenty of content to share with you all in the form of photos and videos. The cameras I've picked out are the Leica M-A, Pentax 645N, and Fuji X100V. Plenty of film is packed and ready, and I think might take more photos on this trip than any other after not having travelled for so long!

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