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Potential Podcast?

Potential Podcast?

Nov 08, 2021

Hey! Firstly, thanks if you're here reading this!

I have recently started to think more about making my non-client creative work a main source of income (given the number of lockdowns we have faced in Melbourne over the last two years!) as event work such as corporate events and weddings have dwindled.

A few ways I have tried to action this is via the creation of more content for the Youtube channel, and integrating things like affiliate links to products and services I use (such as Artlist, for all the music on the channel). I have been doing regular live streams ever since 2020, which I have found to be a great way to stay in touch with the community and keep viewership going on the channel.

This year I launched my first Zine! It has successfully been selling via my website, where I have also been writing a little more frequently for the blog section. Another idea I have in the works is to start a Patreon page, which I am still in the research phase of.

One thing I have toyed with for a while is the idea of a podcast. I currently feel like there are already many great ones out there, and that the interviews I conduct of late on the channel are essentially in the format of a podcast (but with video!). But, I saw that Buy Me a Coffee is soon launching a feature for integrated podcasts. This could be a fun and casual way to experiment with the format and potentially create something focused on the conversational aspect and allow for something exclusive. I will be keeping an eye out for this feature to see how it works going forward.

What are your thoughts on podcasts? I'm keen to hear, and these are all ideas that are simply brewing in my mind at the moment. Feel free to reach out to me through any of the avenues such as Discord, Instagram, etc with any thoughts or suggestions.


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