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How To Find A Cat Sitter That Makes You Purr Step 1

Mar 09, 2024

Have you taken the class How To Find A Cat Sitter That Makes You Purr? It's a public blog series now on my website! Enjoy

By Tonia Fleming Copy Right 2021

This program will help you find a cat sitter and Get the Most from the one you already have. It's broken down into three east steps and three separate videos.

We share: 

  • How to interview potential sitters and what questions to ask

  • Links to places to search for a sitter near you

  • We break down the cat sitting visit so you can understand everything that gets done so your cats have the best service

  • Show you what you really need in order to have peace of mind while you're away. 

  • We also have printable pdf workbook to write your answers 

I know how hard to is to find a cat sitter. Believe me there is certainly a need in our industry for more professional feline specific caregivers and service providers - but there are thousands of professional pet sitters in the United States and abroad who really like caring for cats and could be an excellent fit. 

You CAN find a Purrfect service provider for your family, but it all starts with learning a few tricks of the trade and understanding what you need to look for and what questions to ask on a Meet-N-Greet. This lesson will cover all those details. Cats are so special, and cat parents have a unique set of needs - its more than just finding a pet sitter -it's finding a cat sitter that will make you purr. 

We cat lovers want our kitty’s to have their wet food warmed up for a few seconds, mixed with their arthritis medication, topped with three cat treats. 

We also want to know that they have a clean litter box, a comfy bed to sleep on and that the bird feeders are filled for the squirrels, so that our cats have some entertainment when we’re away. And with the technology of smart phones, daily updates with picture and videos should be the norm. That's not too much to ask. Right? That's the passion I have in my business and I want you to have that level of service too!

For over twenty years I've been caring for people's cats when they go away on vacation, stay-cations, business trips, medical emergencies, weekend getaways, family reunions and trips around the world. I see first hand how much cat parents love their babies, and want the best care for them when they’re away. 

Keeping your cats in the comfort of their own home is ideal because it’s less stressful, cats keep on basically the same schedule, they stay on the same diet, and have less of a chance of picking up airborne viruses.

Finally, although every cat is different, and each experience will be unique, by following these steps and using them as a guide, you and your cat sitting team will have peace of mind while keeping your cats in the comfort of home while you're away. 

The best way to have peace of mind when you go away is to understand what you really need from a cat sitter. This video will share the top three things a cat parent must have from their cat sitter.  This is the first video in the Series: How To Find A Cat Sitter That Makes You Purr.

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