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Mar 12, 2022

~Posted on 3/12 as a first look for members~

Sasuke just wants to eat in peace, but his friends are the exact opposite of peaceful. Lunch periods with Team Taka and Team Seven are a bit much XD If you guessed Karin was the one taking the picture, then you're correct! As far as the vandalism goes, don't worry, all these kids are some flavor of queer- when they make fun of each other for being gay, it comes from a place of love. Sasuke's way more grumpy about having a camera pointed at him than anything his friends could write.

I decided to keep Naruto and Sasuke as amputees in this AU. I've seen a lot of art and fic about them living happily post-arms-blowing-up in canon, but not really in modern AU's. There are kids with all sorts of disabilities living full, happy lives, and I really wanted to show that in this series. They won't be the only ones shown with disabilities either, so if you're looking for more rep, you've come to the right place 🖤

The subject of our next photo is already blurred out in the background! I'll be sure to post WIPs of Suigetsu's "photo" just like the others. And who knows, maybe those of you in the higher tiers will get a ficlet too 👀

If there's a specific scene you'd really like to see in this series, please consider sending me a message for a commission! I'm happy to add more to this growing collection of drawings or a special ficlet just for you! Please note that NSFW requests will not be accepted for this particular series.

[ID: a digital drawing of Sasuke from Naruto. He is wearing a long-sleeved navy blue shirt with an Uchiha family crest on the right breast. He has three silver stud earrings in his visible ear. He is staring at the viewer with a disgruntled expression, black bags beneath his eyes and frowning. His hair is in its traditional duck-butt style, but fluffier. His left sleeve is tied in a knot above where his elbow would be. His right arm rests with his elbow on the table to give the viewer the middle finger with nails painted black and sharpened like talons. The background behind him is a very light blue, with two darker stripes running parallel in the middle. The table is a faux medium wood. There is a chocolate milk container, a crumpled wrapper, and the edge of a lunch tray visible on the table. Suigetsu is also in the shot, but his face is not visible as he is turned to the side. Everything but Sasuke is blurry and out of focus. End ID]

[ID: the same picture of Sasuke, but this time with a film-like texture added on top. End ID]

[ID: the same picture of Sasuke with the film layer, but there is also writing in marker all over it. Top left, in Karin’s red, reads “Grumpy Boy” with a heart next to it. Beneath that, in orange, is written “CHEER UP BASTERD” (misspelling of bastard). In pink, someone has crossed out the E in the misspelling and replaced it with an A. Pink has also added a lot more hearts around Grumpy Boy. In a dark peach color, someone else has drawn a flower crown on Sasuke. It’s signed, “~J”. From the left, in Suigetsu’s blue, are two joined arrows pointed to Sasuke’s eye bags, and this note: “What you so tired from, watching other men??? Lmaooo”. Lastly, on the bottom, in black calligraphic script is written: “L’Homosexuel”. End ID]

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