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it's never too early for halloween- or k ...

it's never too early for halloween- or kinktober planning!

May 01, 2022

i was feeling inspired so i decided to make my own prompts and calendar this year. feel free to use with credit! i'll mostly be writing for naruto fandom, but ya'll can draw or write original works or other fandoms using this idc lol. posting a full 6 months before the start date so anyone who wants to participate has lots of time to prep. feel free to pick and choose, combine prompts, only do some days and not others, whatever you want. i'm doing this as a challenge to myself to get something out for all 31 days!

~DO NOT use for r*pe/non-con, p*dophilia, inc*st, t3acher-stud3nt, etc.~ (censored so my acct doesn't get flagged)

I decided to combine the concepts of Kinktober and the Kink Alphabet, so for the first 26 days of October I have two prompts per day beginning with the same letter. For the 27th through the 29th I switched to numerals to fill the gaps (and add a little wordplay haha), and for the 30th and 31st I did random Halloween prompts I put through a generator since it's the week of Halloween. The alphabet ones are coded orange, the numeral ones lime green, and the Halloween ones purple. Prompts list is also written in plain text below. I've also included the no-color version of the calendar to check off, and the blank version to make your own if you want!

October 1: Aftercare/Anal

October 2: Barosmia/Body Worship

October 3: Choking/Cockwarming

October 4: Dirty Talk/Double Penetration

October 5: Edging/Erotica

October 6: Femdom/Fisting

October 7: Gagging/Glory Hole

October 8: Hair Pulling/Humiliation

October 9: Ice Play/Impact Play

October 10: Jerking Off/Joydogging

October 11: Kitchen Sex/Knife Play

October 12: Leather/Lace

October 13: Massage/Mirror Sex

October 14: Nipple Play/Nyotaimori or Nantaimori

October 15: Office Sex/Outdoor Sex

October 16: Pet Play/Phone Sex

October 17: Queening/Quickie

October 18: Ritual Sex/Roleplay

October 19: Sensory Deprivation/Shibari

October 20: Teasing/Touchless Sex

October 21: Uniform/Urethral Sounding

October 22: Vibrators/Voyeurism

October 23: Wall Sex/Wax Play

October 24: Exhibitionism/X-Frame

October 25: Yiffing/Yoni Egg

October 26: Zappers/Zelophilia

October 27: Cuckolding/Threesome

October 28: Foreplay/Group Sex

October 29: 420/69

October 30: Love Potion/Sex Pollen

October 31: Blood Play/Monsterfucking

[Images are all described via text above] 

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