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idk what happened to my scheduled post- ...

idk what happened to my scheduled post- anyway, here

Mar 19, 2022

~First look posted 3/19 for members~

Sorry for accidentally lying 😔

Obviously a high school AU wouldn't be complete without Suigetsu being on the swim team. I've already admitted I have no idea how swim teams work since none of the schools where I grew up had them (and I haven't watched Free!!! yet aksdhgkjasdl) but I had to include it! This shot comes from him winning a regional swimming competition. It'll be printed in the papers, and he's hoping a college recruiter will snatch him up!

If you're interested in knowing more about this moment, there's a ficlet for Official Fans and up to view right here on BuyMeACoffee!

Only one more Team Taka member left! You can expect a Juugo sometime in the beginning of April, as I'm currently finalizing two (2!) works for Naruto Smut Monday on Tumblr. Sneak peeks will be available for patrons within the week, and both NSM works will go public on Mon. 3/28! Hope you all enjoy my submissions for the Rarepair prompt!

[ID: a digitally drawn image of Suigetsu from Naruto, from the waist up. He is facing the left side, arms out holding up a gold trophy. He is wearing a dark blue swim cap with a fin and a sneering shark design. Some of his white hair peeks out from beneath it. His mouth is open in a triumphant yell, and he is dripping wet all over. The background a gradient, light blue in the lower right to a greenish-yellow hue in the upper left. End ID]

[ID: the same image, but with a texture overlay that makes it look like photo paper. End ID]

[ID: the same photo-effect image, but with writing all over it in marker. Navy blue marker in the upper right corner reads: "#1 Wet Idiot" with the #1 circled. In a peach-toned color is a smiley face by Suigetsu's face, and a simple, almost child-like drawing of a fish behind him. Blue marker reads: "I [heart] U JUJU", which arrows pointing to the two little drawings. In red, toward the lower left corner is: "Finally good for something" with an arrow pointing to the trophy in Suigetsu's hand. His blue marker returns in the upper left, reading: "YOU GUYS SUCK LMAOOO XD", clearly referring to Karin's writing in red and Sasuke's writing in navy blue. End ID]

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