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full team gai vines collection!

full team gai vines collection!

May 01, 2022

[ID: a digitally drawn image of Tenten, Lee, and Neji from Naruto. They are recreating the blanket “It goes around the world” vine. Lee is in the front and middle with a grey blanket over his head, neon red sunglasses, and a green shirt. He is smiling, just shy of showing his teeth. Tenten is behind him to the left of the image. She has a lavender blanket over her head, and big white, circular sunglasses. She’s smiling too, and a bit of her hair has come loose from her buns and is hanging outside the blanket. Last but not least is Neji, who is even further back, to the right of the image. He has a bright purple blanket over his head, and black rectangular sunglasses. He’s not wearing anything to cover his forehead, but his hair is loose so it’s covered. A large bit of hair is also outside his blanket, disappearing down the bottom of the image. He is the only one not smiling, trying to be serious for the camera. The background is a greyish color that turns a bit orange as it gets to the top, where the light is. End ID]

[ID: a digitally drawn image of Lee from Naruto. He is sitting on a couch, mostly turned to the right, looking at the viewer over his shoulder. He's wearing a lime green, long-sleeved shirt, smiling with his mouth open, and staring with big sparkly eyes. There's a hand in the crook of his arm, closest to the viewer, and to the left a speech bubble with Tenten written in red. Inside reads, "I'm a lesbian." Lee has his own speech bubble in the top right corner that reads, "I thought you were American?" End ID]

[ID: a digitally drawn image of Tenten from Naruto. Her face is warped by a filter, making her mouth very large. She is clearly annoyed and yelling. A wired earbud is in her ear to the left, and she is wearing a white shirt with a red- trimmed collar. To the right is a jagged speech bubble that reads, "Why can't you just take the freaking compli-meeent?!" Freaking is in blue and slightly bigger than the rest of the text, and Compliment is in red, the biggest text. The background is bright pink. End ID]

[ID: a digital drawing of Neji from Naruto. The background is green, with the light coming from the top left. He is wearing an aqua shirt, grey jacket, and royal blue headband that covers his forehead. He looks slightly angry, staring off the right of the image. There is a plastic water bottle in the frame, presumably held in his hand. To the right, a series of text: Lee, in green, says, "Neji, can I have a sip of your water?" Neji replies, "It's not water." Tenten, in red, says, "Ooh, vodka! I like your style-!" Neji's speech bubble interrupts hers to say, "It's vinegar." In Tenten's red and Lee's green reads "Huh?!" The bottom is a full strip of text, large, reading "It's vinegar, pussi-!" Cut off from finishing the word "pussies". End ID]

[ID: a digitally drawn image of Gai from Naruto recreating the vine where a guy runs in a very silly way to Take On Me. The image has text at the top with music notes on either side that reads "Opening to Take On Me plays". Gai is wearing a sleeveless green jumpsuit, orange knee socks, wristbands, and headband, and blue sandals. His expression is so drawn only his lower lip is visible, and his eyes are open extra wide. The background is a gradient of blue on top to brown on the bottom. Gai is moving so fast there appears to be three of him. End ID]

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