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cookie monster pants karin is here-

cookie monster pants karin is here-

Mar 05, 2022

And you lucky members got to see her a few days early! Thanks for your support!

I couldn't resist making multiple copies of it with the film texture and Suigetsu's vandalization XD Will I end up doing this for all of them? I wish I could say no because that's a ton of work, but... I probably will 😅 So I hope you all are excited for this series of nostalgic "photos" of the Naruto crew in a modern high school AU setting!

Next up is a Sasuke! Be on the lookout for WIPs in the near future!

Image Descriptions:

[ID: a digital drawing of Karin from Naruto. She is squatting in grass with a brick wall and sunset behind her. Her high-top skate sneakers are half unlaced, and the chartreuse laces lay on the ground, untied. She has both elbows on her thighs, one throwing a horizontal peace sign while the other hangs limp. She is wearing fuzzy Cookie Monster pajama pants, a chartreuse tanktop, and an over-sized, unzipped sweatshirt with the sleeves bunched at her elbows. She is also wearing black sunglasses with a purple tint on the lenses, and a silver barette keeping one half of her hair back. The other half of her hair flows down her front. She has freckles everywhere. She is smirking at the viewer. The background, pants, and sneakers are a bit blurry, with the rest in focus in the middle. End ID]

[ID: the same image of Karin from Naruto, but with a texture laid over it that makes it look glossy, like a piece of film. There's a glare on the top left corner. End ID]

[ID: another copy of the digital drawing of Karin from Naruto, with the film-like texture. This time there is also writing in blue and red marker everywhere. The blue reads, "THEIF" (misspelling of thief) with several underlines. There are arrows pointing to her clothes with messages saying: "Juugo's sweatshirt", "Sasuke's sunglasses", and a double arrow at the bottom labeled "MY FUCKING PANTS". There are horns, a very curly mustache, and an open mouth with serrated teeth and a big tongue hanging out also drawn over her face in blue marker. The red marker points to the misspelling and reads "Illiterate ass bitch". On the left, also in red, is "FUCK YOU SUIGETSU!!!" End ID]

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