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big changes- new fandoms, originals, and ...

big changes- new fandoms, originals, and soft no's list

Dec 03, 2021

after a lot of thinking, experimentation, and learning on my end, i’ve decided to make some changes to the types of commissions i will take. please read below!

1: i am now accepting commissions for these fandoms: naruto, pokemon, avatar the last airbender (not including legend of korra, sorry!)

2: i am also now accepting requests for original fiction and original art! these requests are a bit more flexible- please dm me with your ideas and we'll talk

3: there are now two sets of no's lists. i'm calling this one the "soft no's" list. i want to give only the best to my clients, which does unfortunately mean that as i open up new types of requests, i will also have to limit some categories of writing and art at this time. these are subject to change, meaning some categories may become available in the future while others may be added to the hard NO's list. for now, please do not request writing or art with these themes:


-age regression




-flatulence and burping

-“step fantasy”/other types of incest roleplay between unrelated characters

-eating disorders or dieting

the general commission rules will be updated to reflect these changes. you can also read these details on tumblr and twitter (linked below) as well as a more basic outline on my carrd.

thank you again for your understanding and support!



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