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We just received this litter of baby kit ...

We just received this litter of baby kittens about an hour ago.

Oct 31, 2022

Emergency Help Needed!
This just happened an hour ago - 10/31/22. Please consider buying us a coffee to help with the vet bills. We are taking these little ones in for treatment tomorrow.

Normally I wouldn't ask this late in the evening, but we just received this litter of baby kittens. They were wet, freezing, malnourished, need eye-flee-worm treatments, and were completely covered in feces. We set up a recovery room in our laundry room, gave each baby an initial bath, dried them, and they are now resting/recovering. We are determined to get these Littles healthy again and adopted out to good homes (some might stay here). If you are lead, please consider helping these guys out buying coffee...and please share this with anyone you know...this is going to be an expensive round. Any coffees we receive go to helping all of our Littles. We love each and every baby that crosses our path.

I'm so sorry but I haven't had any time to do any formatting with the pictures.

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