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P2U Fantroll Base

P2U Fantroll Base

Mar 31, 2023

30$ (boosty\ko-fi\by me a coffee only)

You'll  get a psd and sai file

- make adoptions, sell/
exchange them
- make ych\customs\refs
- change any elements of the line
and draw your own
 !! do not alter or trace the base and try to sell it as your own. 

Can NOT:
- transfer base to someone
- resell
- assign authorship

!! please leave a lil comment below if you purchase!
!! you gotta credit me. every single time you use it.

 You may use this base offsite (furaffinity, inkbunny, toyhou.se, ect) but please always link back to my deviantart\toyhouse (puchina)

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