Psyhology Approaches Notetaking, using a ...

Psyhology Approaches Notetaking, using a Fillable Table

Jul 04, 2023

Effective notetaking is a fundamental skill for you as a student of psychology. Using a learning matrix (tabular notetaking) can be a powerful notetaking strategy to organise your class and reading main points.

Generally, introductory psychology or foundations of psychology subjects cover the 5 major psychology approaches: psychodynamic, behavioural, cognitive, humanistic, and evolutionary. Whilst the paradigms sometimes share characteristics, they also tend to differ in how they collect and analyse data, and the principles which guide their use in clinical practice.

Using a table notetaking strategy aids your systematic recording of information highlights, and keeps them 'in order', to help you to learn the concepts and their applications in the real world.

You can read more about the benefits to your study that a tabular notetable can provide, at my main blog on Psych n Stats Tutor

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