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Going Forward

Going Forward

Nov 20, 2022

So this week I had some crucial deadlines at work so I turned off all my NFL related notifications and didn't check props. I needed extra hours and no distractions to earn the paycheck this week. It was refreshing and made me realize I'm way more glued to my phone than I ever wanted to be. I did decide to look at some lines yesterday during toilet time just to see if any stood out and that's why I'm on Rhamondre, Ekeler and Chubb. Going forward not sure what will happen. I think I will continue to mute Breaking News notifications on and focus on other things in life. This year has been rather frustrating. I'm limited to pennies on 3 books so lots of aggravation having to wait for worse lines at worse odds. It's getting to the point that the juice ain't worth the squeeze. Sadly, it won't be 3 straight years of triple digits U winnings but all good things must come to an end. Good luck the rest of the year, I might have plays some weeks and I might not. The only thing I do know is Gary has absolutely no idea what he is doing.

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