The Word Surgeon membership

The Word Surgeon membership

Mar 22, 2022

Hi, everyone. Recently I launched the Word Surgeon membership, and I want to share more about the benefits subscribers get.

I envision Buy Me a Coffee to be a place where new editors can have access to my expertise as a longtime editor. When I was starting out as an editor in NYC, the veteran editors I connected with helped me and taught me a lot.

I want to do the same for new editors today.

If you're just breaking into editing, you might have taken courses in freelancing or editing, but you may not be totally confident in your skills. And I know firsthand that not feeling confident that you can deliver quality to a client can be stressful.

So, with this membership, I want to alleviate that stress and make you feel more secure.

Those who subscribe to the Word Surgeons membership will get one-hour consultation per month with me.

You can use that time for anything you need related to editing or freelancing. Here are some ideas:

  • I review edits you made to your client's work to check that they look good, add edits and suggestions, or offer you feedback.

  • You ask for my input on a difficult situation with a client.

  • We can discuss any business questions you have, such as how to price projects or which tools you might use for editing and operations.

What this membership is not:

  • I will not do the editing work for you. Anything I look at must be edited by you already.

In addition to getting a one-hour monthly consultation, you'll have access to the Skim Readers Q&A posts in which I answer one question about freelancing or editing per week, as well as to any other insider tips I share.

My goal with this membership is to help people ease into a freelance editing career without the negative feelings that come with venturing into unknown territory, like doubt, stress, and imposter syndrome.

You can do this! And I can help you.


Currently this membership is priced at $45/month or $450 for the year. I tried to find a balance between making the price accessible for new editors while still making it worthwhile for me. The price may go up in the future.

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