The Apocalypse Has Begun!

The Apocalypse Has Begun!

Oct 03, 2021

It's official! The Apocalypse has begun!

This is the 3rd week in a row that I haven't been able to find my Hazelnut creamer. I mean, who would have thought it was going to get this bad?

But all is not lost. I have backups to my backups. <--- A prepper truth!

First, I have plenty in stock. I want to purchase more to replace the stock that is getting used. First In - First Out <--- Another prepper truth!

Second, if I burn through, I mean drink through my current stock, I can move to the little creamer cups my wife bought...without my permission I will say! They don't taste as good, but I'll survive! So I guess I'll keeper her since she was looking out for me. The wife that is. ;-)

Lastly, if I have to, I can go with the syrup. I don't like the syrup, but what do you do in an apocalypse? You adapt and survive. I will survive!

Well, I hope this is a short-lived apocalypse, but who knows....shortages and all!

I might be forced to make my own Hazelnut creamer. Oh man!

Anxiously Awaiting the Apocalypse!



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