Happy June!

Jun 01, 2021

And like that another month has passed!

Keep an eye on the Extras tab. In the next couple of days I'll have new stuff out since I finally got a shiny new scanner/printer! I can print my art and ship it out from the comfort of my own home! As of this second the art will currently be available for shipment to Canadian addresses only and shipping will be included in the price. (Members of certain tiers will get it at a discount! Check out the tier descriptions to see what you can get!)

I'm going to look closer at American and other international shipping costs and will make specific listings for those options...it may be put out as separate listings for each destination, or if I can set different prices for different shipping locations I'll put it under the same listing. We'll see what BMAC has available as I fill more information into the listing.


For anybody new to looking at this page, I'd love to be able to support myself with my creative ventures, but I also want to give back to the community. So for every $500 I make in a month I will be donating $50 to a charity. The featured charity will change every month! (There is an abundance of worthy causes in the world, hence the changing of the charity each month.) This last month was Main Street Project.

I didn't make $500, so I won't be able to afford donating this month.

With the ringing in of June, I now select a new charity. This month for every $500 I make 10% of that will be going to:

The Parkinson's Foundation

No long, laborious explanation. My grandmother had Parkinson's plain and simple. She was a big influence on my life and I hate that she was taken from us when she was.

So how do I make $500? Three ways:

1 - Become a member! On Sunday I posted what the new tiers would be, so check that out for the outlines of each tier. (People at $3 and above can be a part of the process on choosing the next month's charity.)

2 - Buy my short, O.O.T.A, for $3! It's available in PDF and ePub formats under the 'Extras' tab or buy my art when it's available in the next few days!

3 - A quick, simple support would also be amazing! Go to the 'Home' tab and on the right you'll see a button that says 'Support' beside 'Memberships' and you can do a quick support there.

Hope to see you in the future!
Blessed be <3,

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