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Bible Verse of The Day - 8-20-22

Bible Verse of The Day - 8-20-22

Aug 20, 2022

Ecclesiastes 3:11 (NKJV) 11 He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also He has put eternity in their hearts, except that no one can find out the work that God does from beginning to end.

As we all start to feel the pressure of what is going on around us in the world, we cannot close our eyes or turn our heads from it. It’s real.

There is a lot taking place in the spiritual realm, and it is playing out in the natural world, where we see it with our eyes.

It is putting pressure on our workplaces, families, finances, ministries and most of all, if we let it, the pressure will even affect our relationship with God.

The battle that we are up against cannot be fought alone. We need God to help get us through to the end.

If we are not used to leaning on Him even for the simple things, we will learn quickly.

What do we do from here?

This day that we are in requires our discernment to be sharp, and that happens by staying close to God, reading His word and praying.

It’s that simple.

Yes, it does take some of our time. We will have to stop what we are doing and make time for it.

We need to lighten the load of our daily routine and fit God into it. No skipping out because so-and-so asked us to go somewhere or do something for them.

Some nights we may even be awakened to pray. We need to make it a must to pay attention!

Put everything and everyone after prayer and our one-on-One time with our Commander in Chief. He will guide our way.

The days will seem like nothing is happening. We can’t see the spiritual battle, but we can feel the repercussions and the effects of it.

The change in what we can do and can’t do will be noticeable. The way of life that we knew is changing. We must adjust and change with it.

Pray, listen and be alert and responsive to His promptings. We will win this battle by the hand of God. We will come out victorious, and things will be beautiful as God makes all things beautiful in His time! Amen.

Pastor Curt & Pastor Ellie

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