Take A Walk With Me: A Call to Trust

Take A Walk With Me: A Call to Trust

Aug 05, 2022

This inspirational video was created with full transparency. Too often we subdue our most vulnerable thoughts, feelings, and emotions thinking we will appear weak or be viewed as a victim. We are all conditioned to stifle what we feel versus allowing ourselves to experience the freedom associated with expressing our true self. Releasing the fear of how you're perceived is a vital step in any spiritual journey. 

Allow the words spoken to resonate within your mind, body, and soul. Do you trust yourself? Do you trust your higher power? Do you have faith in the immeasurable abilities of the divine? Do you have faith in the endless possibilities that open up when you surrender to God's will?

Whatever your answers are, I aspire to awaken your soul to seek Samadhi(enlightenment) in this moment. Open your heart and begin to live life anew, free of fear, with the understanding that all things are made possible by the same divine being that created you and sustains you eternally. 

Breathe, trust, and KNOW that you are in good hands.



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