Beginner's UNIX/Linux Commandline

Beginner's UNIX/Linux Commandline

Jun 17, 2021

I went back over this video today to include timestamps/chapters for each command (may edit this later on to include more details on commands - or create new posting dedicated to that).

Check out the followup post including an easy to install "cheatsheet command" you may summon anytime for a quick, easy reference here:

I felt this was an important video for newer users and only included what I felt most efficient for getting started with Linux commandline.

(The video description has the links to each chapter for the timestamps listed below)

See the timestamps below (or simply hover over areas inside the video timeline to see each defined chapter:


00:00 Intro
00:57 whatis: identify command/definition
01:08 apropos: find commands based on topic
01:48 man: manual pages (issue: man commandGoesHere)
03:21 ls: list directories/files
03:32 file: show filetype of any given file
04:20 cd ~ : takes us to our home directory (personal space; ex: /home/Justin)
04:30 pwd: show where we are according to directory nesting
04:52 passwd: change our login password
05:32 who: see who is logged in
05:52 w: who is logged in and what they are doing
06:06 touch: create a file (ex: touch NewFileName)
06:29 nano: edit files (text editor; ex: nano FileNameHere.txt)
06:50 date: show time/date
06:57 cal: show calendar
07:04 wc: show number of characters, words, and/or lines in a file
07:41 cp: copy files (ex: cp 1stFileName.txt Newcopy.txt)
07:56 ls -a: show all files (including hidden 'dot' files (ex: .config))
08:19 ls -l: list all files including which owner/group owns it, readability, permissions
08:36 free: show current free/used memory (ram)
08:53 clear: clear off entire terminal window (create 'fresh slate')
08:59 ps: show processes running (default: under current shell)
09:02 ps aux: show all processes running and other details

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