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You're my number one!

You're my number one!

Nov 05, 2021

Put your dancing shoes on and join me in my kitchen...for some gentle aerobics
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Now we've had our little work out it's time to do a bit of haiku work...

Have you checked out the latest Pea TV Haiku Prompt and written your poem in the comments section?

Well I have news for you; Linda Ludwig is our new YouTube editor and she's waiting to read your work and choose some of her favourites to be read out on the Haiku Pea Podcast. Head on over there and give her lots to think about!

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Jobs for the weekend

  •  Where ever you post your poems on social media, please give Poetry Pea a little shout out and let other poets know we are here and that there are lots of resources for poets on the site.

A haiku for the weekend:

glasses left
on the poetry book
it's snowing!

          David Wheeler, The Poetry Pea Journal, Summer 2021

 Don't forget there's a new podcast out on Monday 15th November. Original Long Haiku

the haiku pea podcast

ps. Thank you for the coffees. Thanks to you I'm going to get that new microphone... Now I have to save up for the boring stuff, like the website costs

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