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This is not an April Fool...

This is not an April Fool...

Apr 01, 2021

I'm a day early, I know, but it's the Easter weekend and like many of you I am taking a holiday. May I wish you all the very best for this holiday period, one that is traditionally about hope and renewal. I think we need a bit of that at the moment, don't we? As well as haiku, of course.

You are all magnificent friends and have helped me so much in the last quarter, you've supported all the Poetry Pea projects:

  • Journal (it's at the printers)

  • Podcast, speaking of which there's a cracking podcast out on Monday with Randy Brooks and Ted Sherman 

  • Pea TV both the haiku moments and the latest, the prompt

  • Volunteering for editing, readings and community judging

  • 5 favourite haiku... keep them coming, because there are already some fabulous haiku in the collection that I did not know about

  • The renku. We're starting a new one soon, if you'd like to join in let me know. First come first served

 Thank you so much
Your mission for the weekend, should you choose to do it:

Enjoy the holiday

After the weekend:

Please start sending your submissions for the latest topic: Euphony, haiku and senryu that concentrate on the sound within them. Deadline 20th April.

A haiku for the weekend

barbwire holds its ground,
Buffalo sky
roams the prairie

Randy Brooks, Uzzano, (Mount Carrol, IL), Fall 1977

'Til next time, keep writing...

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