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Technical Tip

Technical Tip

Jan 27, 2022

Sometimes we need a little nudge to get us back on track don't we?

A while back I asked you to share your techniques for editing your work. Here is one that really want to share with you, because reading it was a lightbulb moment for me.

Thank you to Mimi Ahern who said to me, go back to the piece you are writing and ask yourself:

  • what was I feeling?

  • why did I notice what I noticed

  • why do I care to share it?

It was the last of these that made me sit up and take notice. It's something I hadn't thought of and yet it would help me convert those "so what" haiku which linger in my writing note book or my phone.

Thank you Mimi.

Something else that might help are the poetry pea workshops with haiku experts. Have you subscribed to the YouTube channel?


Don't forget your submission window for haiku/senryu using colour  opens on the 1st of February and closes on the 15th. There's a new email for submissions...haikuandsenryu.poetrypea (at) gmail.com

Submission window for split sequences 1- 28th February at this email please... splitsequences.poetrypea (at) gmail.com

And you are running out of time to add your haiku to the Poetry Pea Prompt on YouTube. Write it in the comments. You have until 31st January. Linda's waiting...

Looking forward to reading your work.


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