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Submissions are open!

Submissions are open!

Mar 04, 2024

Submissions are open for haiku using Toriawase at Poetry Pea

Your deadline 15th March.

There is a workshop to help and inspire you by the talented poet, Joshua Gage.

Here's the link

The response to the workshop has been great:

"What a presentation! Joshua is overflowing with knowledge about Japanese aesthetics and we are lucky that he is so generous to impart that knowledge."

"Joshua has an excellent presenting voice and gift for delivering nuanced information in an engaging, very understandable manner! Fantastic slides and examples truly helpful for comprehending concepts"

"A vibrant presentation. I will return to it again and again - very helpful!!"

Have a watch or listen wherever you get your podcasts.

Instructions in the show notes, you'll find them here.

Chorizo and I are looking forward to reading your poetry.



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