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Submission Time!

Submission Time!

Jun 03, 2022

This month we are reading

haiku & senryu using memory: Deadline 15th June

haibun: Deadline 30th June

Also this month I'm having a chat with Kala Ramesh who will be doing a reading for Poetry Pea Readings. 

Here is a small selection of the poems she'll be reading for us:

spring breeze
the sari slides down
her shoulder
Golden Triangle Haiku Contest -1st prize. 2016
how little
I know of bird calls
distant thunder

The Akita International Haiku Award, First Prize, September 2013
Gita chanting
     birds become
the ellipsis

The Akita International Haiku Award, September 2014, Honourable Mention
Devi temple ...
along with the ants
I enter barefoot
Sketchbook – May 2008.
2nd prize in the Kukai Contest
rain forest
       the lives
I step on

The Heron’s Nest Vol XIX, No 1: March 2017

Do you have questions for her? 
Let me know by the 10th June please.


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ps. thank you so much for the coffees. I'm saving up to be able to take on an intern and give someone a chance of a great career. Any help is really appreciated.

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