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Sep 01, 2022

Summer is coming to an end, the cows are coming down from the mountains and cow bells will interrupt my sleep once again

Still if I'm awake I can write, right?

I've been so inspired by Joshua Gage's presentation on the horizontal and vertical axes. Strangely, because I don't really like their music, The Beatles have featured strongly in my work.  Maybe some editors will like it and you'll see some it published in the future.

I hope you've been filling your notebooks because tomorrow submissions open for the topic. 

Speaking of submissions tomorrow there is a new video prompt on YouTube. Do please go along and put your haiku or senryu in the comments. Linda reads every one of them and at the end of the month she choses her favourites for the podcast and the Poetry Pea Journal.  

Now for something else that's new and exciting. Vandana Parashar has come along to Pea Towers (well virtually) and we've had a chat, about poetry, about inspiration and about social issues which can and do inspire so much of Vandana's work. It's a passionate chat. Do come along, listen and let us know what you think. It's where ever you get your podcasts, the website and YouTube.

It's been out only a few hours but the feedback is good so far.

"Fabulous episode! Loved listening to it" Jayashree

"So much of what we see is fodder for Haiku/Senryu exploration. Haiku can touch the world in explosive minutes shared from poets who observe reality and exquisitely craft inspired bites of truth. Ms. Parashar is clearly a writer to reckon with." Joe


The next Haiku Pea is out on Monday but until we meet again

Get writing and submitting!

Submissions are open

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