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Let's celebrate together...

Let's celebrate together...

Jul 23, 2021

This week I wanted to celebrate a couple of things that are going on within our community as well as let you know what's going on here at Poetry Pea.

James Young, one of the editors here at Poetry Pea has a new project that we could support him with. He is the  haiku editor for his regional newspaper, the South Wales Evening News. There will be a daily haiku and wouldn't it be super if we supported him with submissions. Send them to [email protected] He's going to tweet the successful one, every day.

Douglas J Lanzo also has something to celebrate. His first novel, The Year of the Bear, has been accepted by a publisher and he is busy with all the pre publishing work he has to do. Congratulations Doug!

A reminder that the Haiku Society of America now has its conference speeches up on YouTube.  I'm delighted that I can catch up with the speakers I missed. While you are there, if you haven't seen it, you can take a walk with me from last year's conference.

It's been a busy week, as usual, on Poetry Pea, do click the links and check out what's on offer this week...

Here are the links for the latest offerings:

Podcast Audio, S4E14, a feast of original haiku and senryu
Podcast S4E14 on YouTube
Pea TV Haiku Moment from Douglas Sewell and Robert Horrobin, it's a beauty. Please follow the link and let them have your feedback on YouTube
Pea TV Prompt , sent in by Robert Horrobin, awaiting your poems

 Your mission for the weekend, should you choose to do it:

  • Send Jim your haiku [email protected]

  • Write a poem for this month's Haiku Prompt

  • Let me know, if you haven't already, whether you would like to be involved in the next renku

A haiku for the weekend 

the raindrops out of the tree…

            Diana Salusia, The Poetry Pea Journal, Autumn 2020

'Til next time, keep writing...

The Haiku Pea Podcast

ps. Thank you for the coffees 


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