May 11, 2021

My parents entrusted you with me,

They left me under your care,

They knew I was safe in your house,

After all you're my dad's brother.

Last night,the worst happened,

You crept into my room at midnight,

You forcefully grabbed me,

And threatened to kill me if I screamed.

Amidst struggles,you finally won,

You let yourself inside me,

You took a way my two decade kept treasure,

You left me with no hymen and unconsciously bleeding.

I woke up in the hospital bed,

The nurse says I almost died,

For I excessively lost blood,

The doctor has the worst news.

Uncle,after taking away my dignity,

You infected me with the virus,

And planted a seed in my womb,

What will I tell my parents?

©Poet Igweee


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