May 11, 2021

My neighbour,

Your wife is tempting me,

Your wife wants me to sin,

Your wife wants me to miss heaven.

My neighbour,

Your wife wears tight miniskirts,

She puts on dresses that reveal her body,

I am not made of metal,I am human.

My neighbour,

Yesterday she wore a crop top with no bra,

She walked shaking suggestively,

I cannot deny that I didn't see her nipples.

My neighbour,

Your wife is blessed and endowed well,

Her backyard is beautifully moulded,

I am a bachelor,dry-starved and easily lured.

My neighbour,

Please warn your wife for me,

Tell her to dress decent and walk well,

If not so,I come from a family with a triplet-baby history.

©Poet Igweee

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