May 11, 2021


So my girlfriend is getting married,

And this time round,charm did not fall on my side,

She found a new fresh rib after accusing mine of costochondritis,

She now has a Bentley owner thanks to her insatiable appetite for heavy guzzlers.

Maybe I should tell you about her,

She is the girl that brought sunshine to me,

She is the one that enlightened my gloomy moments,

She taught me not to wait for light at the end of the tunnel but instead bring it to the tunnel,

She hyped me to greatness and left when the harvest was due.

Now that she is getting married,all the best is my wish.

To the beholder,

Take care of my lady,I loved her before you,

I left no mark on her,I raised no hand against her,

The mark on her chest is a birth mark,

She also has one on her back too.

My lady is a jovial soul,please make her always the same.

As you walk twa! twa! twa! down the isle,

I wish you fortune and the best of luck,

Let love arise in you as Maya Angelou,

And may life offer you happiness on your nuptials.

To my lady,I still love her.,mess her not and if you do,my cousin is a marital lawyer with divorce speciality..

©Poet Igweee.

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