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[preview] Drafts Bullet Journal : creati ...

[preview] Drafts Bullet Journal : creating a new log

Oct 27, 2022

I'm a bullet journal fan, so I'm trying to build a personal workflow in Drafts. I'm hoping that it will help others too, so of course, I'll be sharing it in the end.

In my workflow, I'm using the daily log, the weekly log, and the monthly log.

I am currently building an action that can generate a Daily / Weekly / Monthly log based on a date you're choosing.

Here's the "interface":

Based on the date you choose and the button pressed, it will generate a new Draft either for the selected date (a Daily Log), either for the week containing the selected date (a Weekly Log), or for the month containing the date (a Monthly Log).

Each type of log will be, of course, different. And anyone will be available to customize its own template...

Here's an example of my current Daily Log Template :

# [[dateToday]]

→ 🗓 [[dateTodayName]]

→ Weekly Note : [[S[[dateWeekNumber]]]]

→ Future Log : [[FutureLog]]

<< [[[[dateYesterday]]]] | [[[[dateTomorrow]]]] >>

## Today's Tasks


## Today's Events


## Tracking


## Journal


As I'm hoping this will also be useful to other people in the future, I want to allow anyone to simply update these Log Templates (declared as variables in the Action) and make them in their own way by adding what they'll need by using the tags that will be available.

It's still a work in progress, but for now, these are the tags it will support in the templates :

// Daily Log tag templates

- dateToday

- dateTodayName => customisable by the user

- dateWeekNumber

- dateYesterday

- dateTomorrow

// Weekly Log tag templates

- dateWeekNumber

- dateMonday

- dateSunday

- dateLastWeek

- dateNextWeek

- dateYear

// Monthly Log tag templates

- dateMonth

- dateMonthName => customisable by the user

- dateYear

I don't know if I explained well enough, but I know for sure that this will simplify my workflow and, besides, it allows me to code a little bit 😝

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