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Plus UI Design Website is almost here!

Plus UI Design Website is almost here!

Feb 25, 2021

Welcome to Plus UI Design, a personal project made by @keno_reloaded meant to share small design components used to practice and improve my skills, in this website you will be able to download mini projects, experiments, layouts and user interface from other designers and redesign of already existing products.

Go ahead to Plus UI Design website to signup and get notified when we launch. As you may see on this screenshot it says that we will launch in 4 days. That might not be accurate because there are always some setbacks on the development process which might make that date to change for a few more days, so stay tuned!

You will be able to download the source file for Adobe XD which is also compatible with other design softwares.

This website will also include a resources section where you can find the websites I use for inspiration and creation of the UIs and other useful sites that I use as tools.

Although there are lots of free UI files to download, there will be some UI designs that have a price, this is related to how much time and effort took to do them and is a meaningful way to support my work.

Thank you!

See you soon in Plus UI Design

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