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🎧 NoticiAudio, 27 Novembro 2020 🎧

🎧 NoticiAudio, 27 Novembro 2020 🎧

Nov 26, 2020

Dear listeners, welcome to another edition of NoticiAudio!

(Script translated by Google, and lightly edited by Plural Media)

This week's headlines:

  • CDD condemns attacks by President Nyusi on freedom of expression and the press (CDD)

  • Mozambique has not yet recovered from the impact of hidden debts, says Graça Machel (Lusa)

  • Renamo and MDM denounce exclusion in access to Covid-19 help (DW)

  • Renamo members take to the streets against Ossufo Momade (Magazine Independente)

President Nyusi authorized, on Wednesday, the Defense and Security Forces (SDS) to hold some media and social networks responsible for the misinformation about the armed conflict in Cabo Delgado, supposedly because they distort and manipulate the facts, favoring terrorist groups. 

The instruction of the Head of State, according to think tank CDD, carries the danger of promoting the violation of human rights, impeding journalistic coverage and individual freedoms perpetrated by the Defense and Security Forces, even more because they are orders coming from the Commander-in-Chief. Chief, whose fulfillment is unquestionable.

The CDD says this position reveals nervousness, justified by the lack of a clear response to the conflict in Cabo Delgado, so it says that, instead of silencing freedoms and promoting fear, the spaces for sharing information should be broadened. and the media seen as partners for a better understanding by society of the events in Cabo Delgado.

Mozambican social activist and politician Graça Machel believes that Mozambique has not yet recovered from the impact of the “hidden debts” case, a corrupt scheme that has increased Mozambican poverty.

Speaking in a videoconference interview to the Lusa news agency, Machel said that the pace of growth that Mozambique was experiencing has been seriously affected and the availability of financial resources to maintain that pace has been severely reduced since 2016-17.

The case contributed to the increase in poverty, inequality and insecurity in the north and center of the country, which continues to be affected by corruption and internal conflicts, despite the peace agreement signed last year between the Government and Renamo.

The hidden debt case is already in court waiting for the trial to begin. For Graça Machel, however, the process is being very slow and the authorities should better inform the population about developments.

The MDM and Renamo parties accuse the authorities of the province of Inhambane of excluding their members and supporters from receiving a subsidy of 2,000 meticais per month, provided as assistance to families in need during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

MDM spokesman in Inhambane, Joel Jeremias, told DW that there was a total exclusion of opposition members in the neighborhoods. The same has happened with Renamo members. Without recording an interview, the delegate of political formation in Inhambane, Carlos Maela, also confirmed the exclusion of its members.

Bernadete Gulube, a supporter of one of the opposition parties in the district of Homoíne, confirms that she has not been registered and that no community leader or neighborhood secretary has contacted her to receive government assistance.

However, Isac Mucavele, delegate of the National Institute of Social Action in Inhambane, guarantees that his institution did not exclude anyone from receiving support, because the money is for all Mozambicans.

Two people were seriously injured following clashes between Renamo members in Tete province after a march against the leadership of the party's president, Ossufo Momade.

The two individuals, who are members of the party in the town of Songo, were hit by rocks and sticks during a confrontation between a group that contests the leadership and another that supports it.

In a press conference, which marked the beginning of the demonstration, Hernani da Silva, spokesman for the group and member of the Tete municipal assembly for Renamo, accused the leader of the largest opposition party of "divisionism, clientelism and exclusion at the party level."

However, Renamo's political delegate in the province, Evaristo Sixpence, who was at the scene leading the group that supports Momade, accuses the protesters of not being aligned with the party, considering that his intention is to destabilize Renamo.

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