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Requiem for the 3ds

Requiem for the 3ds

Mar 27, 2023

Well. It has happened. Today the 3ds and WiiU Eshops have closed forever. For now we can still download anything we had already gotten our hands on.

The 3ds you see above was the first console I ever bought with my own money. Way back in 2013 I got my first job out of high school at Radioshack.

Wait that was almost a decade ago. Incredible...

I ended up getting the 3DS with Pokemon X several paychecks in and despite me thinking I lost it a few times it has been a loyal little toy that I still love to bits.

I regret not having the cash to get more games prior to all of this. But other concerns come first.

These are just about all of the games I have for the 3ds now. The only physical copies of games I own are Pokemon X and Pokemon Ultra Moon. It is a modest selection, but all of these games are fun.

One thing I was able to do is get all of the demos downloaded to their own special SD card. Each demo has a limited number of plays by default, so I will need to be careful how much I try them until a work around can be set up. I don't have the money The Completionist had to actually buy every single game. These demos were the next best thing.

The closing of online shops like these is probably inevitable to an extent, though it is painful. We must do what we can to preserve download only games, and continue to fight against the absurd policies companies like Nintendo and Sony put into place.

I am also refocusing on physical copies for my switch whenever possible to help preserve that when the time comes.

Real life financial concerns are going to slow the pace of acquiring new games for the archive for a while, so I will need to focus on other areas. Videos are going up again (here is today's video btw)

I have a few idea kernels that I want to start popping soon. If you want to stay updated on that, I would deeply appreciate signing up to receive these updates as an email newsletter.

If you also have a bit of cash to spare towards my life's work any donation would be appreciated.

Most of all: thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I think I am going to make Monday or Tuesday the day for regular weekly updates here.

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