ESC: Recirculate Plastic - About

ESC: Recirculate Plastic - About

Aug 06, 2021

Recirculate Plastic is a European Solidarity Corps funded project aimed to educate people about plastic pollution problems, recycling options and give hands-on experience in recycling home sourced plastic items into new products.

The European Solidarity Corps is a funding program of the European Union that creates opportunities for young people to volunteer and run their own solidarity projects that benefit communities around Europe.

In Precious Plastic Estonia we run a workspace where we organise workshops and make products out of plastic items we collect ourselves.

During the project we plan to organise a series of workshops on various recycling methods. The workshops are aimed at young adults who would like to expand their knowledge about the topic, make their own products out of used plastic and use this experience in future projects.

Each month we will cover a different recycling method using various tools and material options. At the end of the project an exhibition will be organised, where participants will get a change to show the products they made and share their experience.

In the context of this project, we will be writing more about the events that took place.

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