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When venting turns into explaining :)

When venting turns into explaining :)

Oct 03, 2022

Having to advocate for yourself and/or for others EVERY SINGLE DAY is exhausting. The system is a tangle of webs to stop people from getting the support they need. The conservative government made it harder in Ontario to get support. They automated the process and cut jobs, so now every client who applies gets denied and has to appeal decisions, creating more paperwork for the already understaffed and overworked social workers, and more retraumatization for the clients who relive the memories every time the information is shared.

There are too many people in the world who do not understand. Everybody's situation is different and they should not be lumped together just because right wing politicians and voters want to cut as much funding into social assistance programs as possible. They want to have class divides. From what I can see, they think they are superior to others, even if some conservative voters are poor and are clearly not in the same wealth bracket as the conservative leaders they support. It is pure brainwashing. If you have ever seen all of the conspiracy theorist / fringe right wingers forums and social media platforms, they are absolutely littered with false information that people eat up to feed some sick and twisted belief system. They feel socially accepted when they yell and curse people with opposing views. Are you willing to be brainwashed and allow people to take advantage of your possible mental health issues an/or lack of education and/or similar belief system?

At the end of the day, we all just want to be accepted and connected. See how I just grouped all right wing thinking people together there? It is not fair think of this world as right versus wrong, left vs right, back vs forward, white vs black, up vs down, etc, when there are so many layers to human beings and the nature around us. Instead of using an onion as an example, I like to think of it as a lasagna. Human beings are full of different experiences. Nobody's life is identical to another person. Perhaps we need to stand back a bit to see the big picture when trying to help people and analyze their problems, as there are so many layers, ingredients, sizes, shapes, cooking times, cooking methods, etc to make a lasagna!

I hope everyone's day is great. Instead of good, I am trying to embed into myself to strive for greatness instead of goodness. The small changes in life can play a large role in the grand scheme of things!

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