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Keep Your Head Up

Keep Your Head Up

Sep 28, 2022

You never know when life will pick up for you, so never give up. Keep plugging away, and do not let anybody try to bring you down. Misery loves company, hence why I keep to myself so often.

Seek out other people who can put a smile on your face. Always try to smile, even when sad and depressed. Sometimes forcing a smile can be the spark you need to brighten your day. Change is great, so be ready and willing to adapt for your desires.

It is never too late to bloom. Take a look at the sunflower that I never planted. It started growing later on in the season and before I knew it, it was blooming. It became the centerpiece of my community garden plot after the squash plants became too infected with powdery mildew. It may not be the best season but at least I am learning perseverance and patience.

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