Puerto Morelos, Mexico Early Acess

Puerto Morelos, Mexico Early Acess

Jul 11, 2022

Thank you, so much for all of your love and support on this new venture here on the Buy Me a Coffee platform. And thank you for the birthday love shot out and well wishes.

As some of you may know we just came back for a month long trip in Mexico and we filmed a lot of footage while we were there and I finally got around to editing part one of our trip. If you don’t know we have a YouTube Channel. Yes a YouTube channel, that has very little support and it would mean the world if you went over and checked out our video. Please give them a like and subscribe and even share them with your friends. I promise to allow my supporters here at Buy Me a Coffee early access. Here is the link below to access the video. You have 48 hours until it’s released publicly.

Thank you again so much. And please think about becoming a member to my page here!

Abundance always,


Puerto Morelos, Mexico pt. 1


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