Important information !!

Important information !!

Feb 04, 2021

Since I have started using patreon again, I will not be uploading my creations here anymore. I will keep my page, for those who still want to donate to me by one time donation :) But donations here will not give early access or any other "perks"

If you want to donate and get early access to all my content, head over to my Patreon page 🔮HERE🔮
My tiers are low, to make sure as many as possible who wish to donate will be able to do it, and all three tiers get early access and the same perks.

All money I earn from this site, or patreon, will still be donated to help rescuing stray animals, give them proper treatment, rehabilitating and making sure they get adopted out to new, loving homes ❤ Because I am not in this for the money, I do recolors because I enjoy doing it, so all donations, I want to use to help someone without a voice who needs it ❤

The places you can find my downloads now are:
💙Tumblr 🔮Click🔮
💙TheSimsResource 🔮Click🔮
💙Patreon 🔮Click🔮

If you see my work uploaded anywhere else, it is NOT me who uploaded it ! Please do not download my work from any other sites than these listed.
If you find my work anywhere else, please let me know so I am aware of people stealing my work

If you want to contact me, my messages are open on all my social media accounts. They are also open on Tumblr and Thesimsresource. But you can also find me and contact me here:
💙Instagram 🔮Click🔮
💙Twitter 🔮Click🔮

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