Bonus recolor of Anto's "Anya" hair

Bonus recolor of Anto's "Anya" hair

Jan 03, 2021

💙Recolor in 96 different colors
💙Custom Thumbnail
💙Female hair
💙HQ Compatible

Get mesh 🔮HERE🔮

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Using my creations in your pictures? Tag me, I'd love to see 💙

All credit goes to Anto for being the original creator
Huge thanks to all the amazing cc creators I've used cc from in my previews

Download (sfs, ad free) 🔮HERE🔮

Alternative download (patreon, free) 🔮HERE🔮

CC List:
🔮Praline: Skin, Highlighter
🔮NorthernSiberianWinds: Lip preset
🔮Angissi: Eyebrows
🔮EvilQuinzel: Eyeshadow
🔮Soloriya: Eyeliner
🔮Remussirion: Lips, Eyes
🔮Slay-Classy: Dress
🔮LeahLillith: Face Rhinestones
🔮RedheadSims: Nails
(CC not listed I do not remember who made)

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