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We never left…

We never left…

Apr 28, 2023

Hey guys! ❤️

It’s been a while we don’t post anything here, but don’t confuse our absence with negligence.

We never stopped helping others, we do mainly with our own funds, and with yours, we focus on bigger actions, with a better reach.

Proudly, I can say, your funds are being a great help for people all over the world. Now we managed to help over thousands people in 2 different continents, how cool is that?

While in Brazil, we had to change our approach due to our own safety. This time we relied on the church help - We bough 20 food baskets including on each 14 ingredient covering a monthly shopping for 20 families. We can easily estimate over 70+ people were benefiting with this action.

Thank you, thank you & thank you for your support! Slowly we will be coming out and asking for further donations as we wish to carry on this beautiful project ❤️

In name of the Brazilian people, my sincere gratitude for making that possible.🇧🇷

Obrigado ❤️

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