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10.12.2021 - Lovina

10.12.2021 - Lovina

Dec 10, 2021


It’s been a couple of weeks that we could not go out and do what we love the most, help the ones in need. The rainy season is here, so with all the rain it was a little challenging, therefore, these days were amazing and sunny, so we did not miss the opportunity to go out and help! ❤️

This time we are in the north of Bali (Lovina) & with the help of the locals and owners of The Hotel Suma organizing the place of donation and finding us a chef, we went out to a village close by with 50 meals.

The reception was very warming, some of them haven’t spoke English for very long time due to the lack of tourism in this area. By looking at the pictures you will see how much they appreciated our help and care.

Last but not least, thank you for believing in us on our small but giant project.

That won’t be possible without your support! ❤️🙏

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