What's with the dusty Chimp‽

What's with the dusty Chimp‽

Mar 30, 2021

Hi, my friends! I promise to answer about this broken lamp but I thought I would catch up just a bit.
First! In my last video (the first of the luggage discussions), I mentioned the scissors on my desk and I said they were stupid. In retrospect, I realized that it may have sounded like I meant that asking about them was stupid. THAT'S not what I meant and I hope you gathered that! I meant to admit that they are an absurdly sized tool for my small desk. I am sorry if it sounded differently!
I got to spend some time with a friend yesterday. It was an outdoor coffee session and the sun was out in a wonderfully comfortable Springtime display. We chatted for a couple of hours in respectable social-distanced fashion. I enjoyed the company and the sunshine. Rookie mistake. I am a Coloradan. I should have known that I would be remarkably sunburned. It only got half of my face so I look like a DC Comics villain. Ah, that'll go away in a few days. I am still grateful for the company and the sunshine.
As promised, I will be going through two more of the boxes/luggage pieces in a video for my members here. That will be very soon. Within the next couple of days, I am guessing.
I have also begun the process of restoring and customizing this ridiculous lamp that I picked up and a second-hand shop. I had to buy it. If you look at my videos, you will see that I have a chimp butler lamp on my desk. He holds both a candlestick and an Edison bulb (a bit of customizing for that last part). That piece is a cast iron antique that I picked up several years ago and now, he has a friend who might soon take his place. This chimp with bad fashion tastes was likely a piece offered by Z Gallery or Cost Plus twenty or thirty years ago and he was not treated too well in his last home. Rescued! This newest acquisition (which I actually picked up for ten bucks over a year ago) has needed a lot of work to fix the ugly jacket, a crack in the left arm, and the broken bulb sockets, and the wiring, and the overall paint job (what's with the stupid painting of the base?), eliminating the shade mounts... but you are seeing the before photo here. I finally got around to tinkering with this while I am doing other stuff. I will share how he ends up very soon! His name is Leon and I have a very specific reason for that. Keep an eye on the Phelyx Coffee Club for that whole story.
Thank you for being here and do exercise any fleeting compulsion to send me questions or notes!
I'll talk to you soon!

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